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Features & Benefits


FreshBelt™ is a patent pending automated system for cleaning and sanitizing checkout belts, typically used in grocery and retail outlets. The FreshBelt™ system has been designed to apply your preferred brand of  disinfectant solution to the emerging end of a checkout in order to achieve consistent, thorough, and effective results.

How FreshBelt™ Works

Freshbelt Features & Benefits

We did the math and the ROI on FreshBelt is clear.

You can pay off your investment within a year or less just on sanitizer and paper towel cost savings alone!
Factor in employee labour savings by repurposing the time typically used by staff for manually cleaning the belts and acheive ROI even faster.

Easy to install and operate by your own maintenance team

Works with all belt systems old and new

Uses your own cleaner and sanitizer

Safe for customers and employees

Does not rely on unproven technology

Improves operational efficiency by reducing cleaning time between customers

Improves customer perception of cleanliness

Reduces overall cost of cleaning supplies



“We are always looking at ways to keep our team and customers safe. With FreshBelt, this is another way to achieve this. Using  food-safe sanitizer to keep the grocery belt not only clean but sanitized has been well received by our customers. We get positive comments every day!”

– General Manager, Store Development

How clean is your checkout belt?

There are fewer places dirtier than checkout belts in a grocery store. Yeast, mold, fecal matter (!!), staph, coliforms and other harmful bacteria from food spills grow on their surface every day.

You may be cleaning and sanitizing frequently, but how can you tell if your cleaning efforts are actually working? We tested a number of high touch surfaces at local retailers using ATP testing and the results are in.


Helping you stay healthy, one belt
at a time.

If you are interested in trying FreshBelt™ at your retail location, or have any questions, we are here for you!




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19095-24th Ave. Surrey, BC V3Z 3S9
19095-24th Ave. Surrey, BC V3Z 3S9